I think the last time I sat down to do a post must have been nearly 3 years ago. Lots has happened since our little Violet came into our lives. Baby Violet grew into toddler Violet and before we knew it we had a little lady on our hands. I'm sure I'm not alone as a mother when I say how emotional I get just thinking about where the time went and where the baby version of Violet went too. She can sing songs in French, make believe better than I could ever imagine and still dances up a storm any chance she can get. I don't know where she gets her moves and rhythm from!?

 Violet also became a big sister last year! Baby Penelope Monroe arrived almost 2 years to the day her sister was born. She has the most contagious smile, laughs at everything, and loves to nuzzle and cuddle. She's just taken up dancing like her big sis and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen watching these two have their nightly dance parties while daddy plays dj.
Our blue eyed blondie is quite the observer. In many ways she's very much the opposite to her big sister and in a lot of ways the same. 

Since I know I'm not the blogger I wish I could be I've decided to make this more my personal journal of my life and my family. That way there's no pressure or expectation and that's WAY more my speed. 

A few months ago we moved from Edmonton back to Victoria. Nathaniel was released from the military and we decided raising the girls around the love and support of family was just the right thing to do for us. 

A rare opportunity to build a home came our way and with the added bonus of having my sister (aunty Jess) and her amazing husband (uncle Ian) build next door it was a chance we couldn't refuse. 

We took possession of our land August 1st 2014 and finally on October 18th 2014 we broke ground!!!! Since that first dig we have seen fast and furious changes everyday on our build and it's beyond exciting for us to say the least. I daydream and imagine the wonderful home we will soon have to raise our girls in and all the memories that will fill the walls. An elementary school up the street, a pastoral view, a short commute to work, Nathaniel having a space to work from home, all the while having my sister and her husband next door seems nothing short than a dream come true to me. 

I hope to update as we go and document this journey through building our first home here. Probably mostly through pictures since my hands are full with 2 little ones, a full time job, living out of suitcase while we build, and still trying to be a wife and best friend to my guy! I hope this blog will end up being something we can look back on as a record of some seriously amazing memories. 

Week one:

Week two:

Later week two:

Week three:

Later week three:

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