Its Been Awhile

Not too long ago I fell in love with Holly's idea of a collection of beach and ship paintings that she was planning for her staircase. I thought something along the lines of this would work really well for our nantucket style master bedroom I'm slowly working on! Nathaniel actually surprised me with the first painting on a trip to Victoria right before his looked so lonely on the wall all by itself and so I knew I needed to add a few more. Most of the other ones I actually found on etsy! Another new update for our master bedroom is a dresser that I actually painted waaaaay back in the summer. You might remember it....does this look familiar?

Well here it is now in our paint job, new hardware, and I aged it a bit! I like it SO much more!

The other day I received a package in the mail (I love mail) and I was SO HAPPY to see it had come all the way from Afghanistan!!! Nathaniel sent me this gorgeous antique mirror he bought for me there!

Here is a closer view of the oil painting Nathaniel surprised me with in October...its an original by one of his best friend's Dad...I just love the stormy skies!

I also wanted to say a BIG thank you for two beautiful new milk glass pieces I now have in my growing collection....this one is from Holly! it has a Hollywood Regency vibe to it as Holly pointed out! I thought it was so cool when I discovered my Glade 3-wick candle fits perfectly in it!When I light it the candlelight glows pretty!

And this one from Nathaniel's Mom Deb! She sent me some of my favorite black licorice candies to put in it...but I ate them all already :)

I thought I'd also give everyone a little update on my soldier! He is doing well...he says he's lost about 20lbs and is being worked like a rented mule lol! Here is a pic of him on skype from a few nights ago!

I love you babe!

I hope everyone is doing well...I'm really sorry about the lack of blog posts...exams and term papers have been keeping me pretty busy these days. I'm pretty excited to catch up on all my favorite blogs! I'm sure that will keep me even more busy after this semester ends!