Iron and rust removal!

One new challenge I've had with a baby...even more so than with my constant stain removal! Especially on diaper change pad sheets and her bottom crib sheet! Not surprisingly all her nursery linens are white and usually my trusty bleach does the trick...but not always!

Violet never ate baby food/pablums/fortified cereals. She just would NOT go for the mush! So we had to start her on finger food from 6 months on. The lucky part was she was eager and able to feed herself! The unlucky part is babies need the extra iron and vitamins in the fortified baby cereals to ensure proper growth and development. So the doctor recommended some vitamin supplements including Fer-in-sol so she could get the vital iron she needs!

Herein lies my new stain fighting problem and exciting solution! Even though her iron supplement drops are clear, they can react with certain things and quickly turn into a nasty brown stain. So the other day I gave Violet her supplement while on her change pad. Without realizing (because it's clear) I must have dropped some on the change pad sheet. Well when I went to launder it it reacted with the laundry detergent and bleach I use and turned into a huge big brown stain. What was a tiny drop of iron supplement was now a brown stain the size of a side plate.

So after googling a while for ideas I decided to try saturating the stain in lemon juice and wait a few minutes and sprinkle salt on top. And it worked!!! The stain that I thought was going nowhere after bleaching it 3 times (which only made it worse) is now completely removed after 5 minutes of a lemon juice and salt solution! Amazing! And this also will work for rust stains too:)

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Becky said...

well well well my sassy momma friend! I am writing this down for future baby stain ref! HA! I was so excited you posted I slmost spat my coffee out! I am ordering a new blog layout in hopes it will encourage me to blog and get stuff done. My blog will of course include many a baby pic! New role, new blog content! xoxo