Although I did order a few items from the Restoration Hardware Baby site, I set out to create a few 'look-a-like' things of my own. One nursery item I fell in love with was this little vintage rocking horse off of the RH website...
credit: RH Baby & Child

At $149 it wasn't that out of our budget so I was considering ordering one.

Credit: RH Baby & Child

 It was on an earlier trip to Michaels for something else that I spied the craft of the week which was this little raw wood rocking horse which actually gave me the idea to make my own version of the RH toy instead of ordering one...and at $39 I couldn't resist!

So off to Michaels Craft Store I went search of the perfect craft paint for the task at hand. To my surprise the Martha Stewart Craft Paint was 40% off! Score!

I started out glazing the wood with the "rootbeer float" shade, then added the eye and some dark areas with the "vanilla bean" shade and finally white washed the whole horse with the shade called "wedding cake". And Voila! Baby's own RH dupe!


Becky said...

WOW! This is great! You have been a very busy lady-momma! xo

mrso' said...

Love this! I'm pregnant with my first too and might have to head over to Michaels asap! Congratulations btw!

Mallory @ House of Hydrangeas said...

I found your blog when I goggled a Benjamin Moore color and found so much more! I love this DIY rocking horse you made! And even though my husband and I don't have any children yet, I'm definitely pinning this for later! Thank you :)