Birdcage Atrium

A couple of Sundays ago my good friend Holly and I hit up an antique auction to score some new treasures!! Since I accidentally slept through the first two hours of the auction (oopsie) I rushed to meet with Holly and see if there was anything sweet left! And luckily there was!!!  It seemed like birdcages were a popular item that day since they had 3 there up for auction! The first one was a gorgeous ornate black iron one which sold for more than either of us were willing to pay. So after the second birdcage sold, I had my eye on the third!....duh duh duh... You guessed it, I'm now the proud owner of that birdcage..... and a beautiful old mantle mirror, spending a total of $70.

I always loved old birdcages and this one was no exception...but the true excitement for me is what Holly suggested I do with it....convert it into a plant atrium!

The first chance I had, I flew on over to the most gorgeous garden center imaginable...Wellington. Holly showed me this hidden gem of a store over a year ago and I've been dreaming of secret gardens ever since!

I lucked out too because it just so happened Wellington was having a 70% off sale! You don't say!

There were so many to chose from, too many! Herbs, succulents, grasses, ferns, little flowering plants, and pots galore! I wanted something useful so I chose a combination of herbs and some lavender for the beautiful fragrance! I chose a cute little fern, two types of lavender, bluegrass, rosemary, thyme, and some woolly thyme (fuzzy leaves).

I loved these grey terracotta pots which came in all shapes and sizes...I thought these were perfect for my  caged little garden!

I loved how old and worn these pots looked and some of the plants even had bits of moss growing on the soil.

Nathaniel even expressed how much he loved our new plant atrium! I was actually surprised he noticed!

I haven't had the best track record with plants in the past... but so far so good with these little guys. And since I love my little atrium so much I've been extra good at taking care of my little photosynthesizing friends :) I must say it's nice to have some plant life around here.


Jessica said...

It looks so great Becky! I love the idea of making it your mini secret garden. Good luck with keeping them alive. I swear plant killing runs in our family!
Love you Xo

Jessica said...

I just had a second look and have decided that I am 100% jealous. As a true little sister, I have also decided I must copy you and have one of my own lol

Deb said...

Your plant cage looks gorgeous! What a great idea.

Ms.Cupcake said...

soooooo cute! And it looks lovely! I have a small version of this (not on a stand) from our wedding...great idea. Holly is pretty brill...the 2 of you are dynamite decorators! ;)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend...
Cheers lil lady!

Holly and Sean said...

Love it to death!!! But I really couldn't even concentrate after hearing "70%off" and "wellington" in the same sentance!!!!!! I need to head over and see what's up!

It looks 10 times more fabulous than I thought it would!!!
And i am off to email you about LA~

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

so jealous ~ i just told my mister a couple weeks ago i want to get a vintage bird cage for our bungalow.

looks great!

Amanda said...

wait a minute. Holly is emailing you about "LA"? like, as in "Los Angeles"? better not be, because i'm pretty sure you girls still have a trip out east to make. ;) guest room is waiting!

love love love the bird cage turned atrium, doll.

Alba Linea said...

this looks so great! your blog is very nice and i love to "take a trip" here.
best wishes di

Becky said...

Wow, I really love how that turned out!

Allison said...

I love your little garden! How very clever to use the bird cage. The old and worn look of the pots is ideal for the rustic look of the birdcage. This is unique! I love it! Great find at the auction.

Hello My Pretties said...

Stunning, I want one.