Violet's Nursery

Since I live for surprises I was absolutely sure I wanted to wait until the day our baby was born to find out whether our little treasure was a boy or a girl! This did pose a few challenges though...mainly with baby clothing and nursery decor. So I decided I wanted a very gender neutral nursery and once our baby arrived I could add in girly or masculine details later. All I knew is I wanted a room fit for a little prince or princess!

I had a budget of $1000 and I believe I came in with money to spare spending a total of $800 on the room including paint and supplies.

Besides the crib and ikea arm chair and a few other things, I made the sheet music artwork, the chalkboard wall plaque, and the rocking horse. The change table is an old cheap dresser I refinished and repurposed.

The diaper supply shelf

Just a few toys to get her started ;)

My old bear.... "Bear"

Ready for our little munchkin to dream the night away!

Dresser turned change table

My favorite chandelier makes a reappearance

I just ordered this for Violet. It's custom made on gorgeous French linen. If you want one of your own you can find her on Etsy just search for the seller BurgundyDelights

This is our snuggle spot. We've already read many a story and sang plenty of lullabies here.

Violet LOVES looking at her woodland creatures that hang out at our snuggle spot. They are all watercolors from various Etsy shops.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I was tired and pregnant when I took all but the last 3 with my iPhone. I am going to dust off my Canon Rebel and take some good quality photos soon and I'll do an updated post. Her room has actually changed quite a bit since I took these photos anyway. My step-grandma Joanne custom made Violet the most beautiful crib skirt and bumpers and so I can't wait to take some more recent photos of her crib.

~Rebecca XO


  1. I love the neutral colours you chose. I have 2 daughters and both were a surprise! The chandelier is the perfect addition. I don't think you can ever have too many chandeliers! Kate x

  2. It's a lovely room, fit for a princess!

  3. Not sure how I missed your last few posts...but Congratulations! Your sweet baby Violet is adorable!
    I am thrilled to see what an amazing job you did on the nursery! So beautiful!
    Wishing you & your husband the sweetest memories as you travel this exciting journey!

  4. Hi Rebecca, For some reason I'm not seeing my comments right away. My daughter had a boy on Oct 14th. He's such a doll, very happy, smiley little guy.
    Congrats on Violet again!

  5. Violet, can I come over for a sleepover? I love your bedroom!! Amazing work Rebecca!

  6. Love your nursery! Where did you get the crib? :)


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