DIY Sheet Music Art

Since we kept the gender of our baby a surprise we wanted to have gender neutral art for our baby's nursery. My whole pregnancy I was drooling over the Restoration Hardware nurseries when I saw an idea that caught my eye! Framed sheet music! I thought this was perfect for a boy or girl nursery.
So off I went on a sheet music hunting adventure to one of our local antique malls. And low and behold I didn't have to search long. I found a whole station filled with antique music books. I flipped through a few until I found a book of perfectly aged Violin sheet music, complete with perfect songs like 'Cradle Song' and 'Nocturne'.

Next I headed to Michaels craft store where I found some very cheap frames on sale. I think they were around $5 each. I picked up some antique bronze spray paint as well so I could get the frames as close as possible to the look of the ones on the RH website. I had noted the size of the frames too off the RH website so I could get the same scale as well (20.5"x24.5").

The ones on the RH site were $1195 for the set of 6 framed prints of 18th century sheet music art. All in, I paid less than $75 total for all 6 of my DIY version.

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