Chalkboard Plaque

Wall decor always poses a challenge to me for some reason and the nursery wall decor was no exception. I fell in LOVE with these little vintage chalkboard wall hangings on the RH Baby website and so I ordered the large rectangle one with a special spot in mind to hang it!

credit: RH Baby & Child

BUT... unfortunately RH has sent me 4 different "sorry for the shipping delay" emails and so I got too impatient. Yet again I figured I could make my own version...even though I was SO looking forward to this one.
Credit: RH Baby & Child

 I had no idea where I was going to get 'coloured' chalkboard I looked up online how to make your own coloured chalkboard paint and while at Michaels picking up supplies for the concoction low and behold I found that not only does Martha Stewart carry the PERFECT gray chalkboard paint but she also had shades in mint, and robins egg blue and of course black which I picked up as well! Martha you rock!

I also picked up some champagne coloured ribbon and chalk!

For the MDF board I needed I went to Home Depot where I rummaged through the scraps and found this perfect sized piece...and since it was my lucky day the guys at home depot sent me on my way free of charge!

I used a dinner plate and a measuring tape to try and get the cuts right. I admit they are a little off but it just adds a not so perfect touch which I don't mind. Here is my final product, complete with a French saying to welcome our baby home to!


  1. Better than RH in my opinion! This is adorable...have been reading (and commenting) backwards so glad to see you are here again!

  2. How sweet! Great recreation! I didn't know Martha had colored chalkboard paint! WA WA WE WA! love what you have made...its so sweet :)

  3. Rebecca! gorgeous soon-to-be mama! oh how i've missed you dear. i got butterflies when i saw you had new posts. i've been away from blogger as well, for less exciting reasons, but nonetheless was very excited to see you back! :)

    CONGRATULATIONS! my goodness you're going to be an amazing, and amazingly beautiful, mama. you look great.

    i too, think there is nothing more exciting than waiting until the baby i born to find out the gender. it's not for everyone, but it's exciting you're waiting. i have the EXACT SAME inspiration photos for a nursery in the hopes of adding another little one to the mix at some point. i absolutely cannot wait to see the finished product. that chalkboard? adorable. and the horse is absolute perfection.

    i've missed you, blog friend. best of luck with a smooth delivery and healthy baby! :)

  4. Oh this is so sweet! I'm so glad you're back as I just starting following you after a post that Completely Coastal did about your ships wheel and I was so bummed to see you weren't posting anymore. But now I see congratulations are in order, you sure are a busy mom-to-be! ~Lili

  5. oh how clever. i just found you thru Kirsten's blog, I just LOVE your home tour! GREAT job!


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